Chou’s Features

Mobile Legends Chou Karaketeri
Mobile Legends Chou Karaketeri

Chou, Kung Fu Boy, has a very good warrior and endurance. It is a bit difficult, but you can learn it very quickly with Chou game practice. First learn passive Cou’yi and his talents. Then you should buy Chou merchandise. I will help you with the materials and structures.

Chou Properties

Balmond Role:  Fighter

Special:  Charge-Burst Damage

Durability:  7/10

Crime:  8/10

Ability Effects:  5/10

Difficulty:  6/10

Chou’s skills

Passive:  only fast, the next basic attack damage after every 8 yards of the movement will consider scores 200% for a while and they continue to amaze target.

Skill 1:  Jeet Kune Do, forward punch dealing physical damage 120 pts attack 3 times. The old 2 attacks will reduce the movement speed of the target by 60%, 3 attacks will hit the enemy airbone nearby. Use of this skill will defeat cooldown at your next Transient Speed.

Skills 2:  Shunpo, Wages invincible and immune to control skills during charging, charging up a short-range. Within 2 seconds of loading, the attacks will ignore the target’s armor 3 and stack up to 3 times.

Ulti:  Enter The Dragon, physical damage to the target and throw a kick to knock back the head Casts 320 points. Use this skill again to chase the enemy in the air and give at least 320 points of physical damage.

Skill Development: ULT> Skill 1> Skill 2

Chou Story

Chou was born at the root of a small slut who lives a life of the lowest quality. The tough living environment, the kindness in the heart of Chou has never been eroded. He looked passionately at old age and underbelly. However, due to the disruption and instability of the Down of Land, the outside situation ultimately affects this isolated gecekondu. In some cases, Chou rescued an old priest who was chasing him. She brought him back and looked at him. The old monk, on the other hand, transferred the old Asian Kung-Fu’s skill to Chou and told him that he needed a real hero to end the uprising of the world. After finishing the practice, Chou swore he would become a real hero before the old monk. Then, without returning, he began his journey to the center of the Dawnland. Towards Chou’s distant silhouette, the old monk was marked and moved away.

Chou Skins


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