Sun Hero Defense and Attack Items

Mobile Legends Hero Sun
Mobile Legends Sun Kahraman, Mobile Legends Kahraman Sun, Mobile Legends Hero Sun

Basically Sun is already durable. We will buy longer-lived goods and we will survive for a long time in the team battle. There is some damage, but HP is durable. Another hero is set up on such a recommendation. You can win like this construction. And you can comment on what products you need to buy for Sun.

Defense Attacks Over Sun

First, take this item:

Crazy Forest


Warrior Drawings


Brute Force Chest Table

Take this item:

Azizler Shelter Houses


Wind Chaser

Finally, buy this product:

Demons Adventi

It builds a very strong friend and at the same time you can comment on your ideas about Sun things 🙂

I almost forgot, you can sell your boots when you play late.

If you are a seller, these items are found in your draws:

More Attack Damage (AD):

Hopelessness knife

For more HP-HP Reconfiguration:

The bloodthirsty King

For HP-Magic Resist:

Damned helmet

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