The Assault Of The Sun Tank-Made Item


Yes, the sun’s liabilities if you do not know if you’re aware of this web site you can call in your questions. The assault elements and in addition, HP-Armor-Magic resistances we’re going to get. I think this’ll work, and you can win your battles. This hero continue to try and practice. This hero is very expensive, but I think sun is very good for the team. Take this stuff and finish the fight quickly🙂

Sun Attack-Tank Construction

First of all, dude, go This item:

Wild Forest


Warrior Boots


Despair knife

Buy this item:

Brute Force
Table Chest

And after:

Wind Chaser

Finally, buy this product:


This is very damaging and absorbs enemy attacks. You can also sell your boots to play late.

If you sell these items to your boots,

For more AD (Attack Damage) -Krit:

Demolished Knife

For more HP-Magic Resist-Shield:

Azizler Shelter Houses

For more HP-HP Reconfiguration:

The bloodthirsty King

For more HP-Armor:

Demons Adventi

Thank you for everything, you can comment on your idea. 🙂

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