Tips: Natalia! #ByMLFans By: Jhamz


Natalie Bright claws …. (Probably the best assassin in the game). Natalia is particularly vulnerable to critical strikes. In team outbreaks natalia cant stand out and start; He must be attacked from behind and must be hostile to the enemy. The hero is separated and the entire team can be wiped out.

➡Death Analysis of
👉Liability: Assasin Instinct – Attacks in the background damaged more than 20%. If the hero does not receive damage, the brush will last for 2 seconds, the hero will enter Secret mode, and leave the brush for 5 seconds or try to make the hero appear again by tearing the damage. Stealth mode increases the hero’s movement speed to 50%. Causes 50% extra damage to the next basic attack and silences the target for 2 seconds. A skill that makes Natalia a superior assassin. Health Mode, More Attack Damage And Finally Added Stealth mode of movement speed.
👉Skill 1 Claw Claw: Fires forward to give 250 physical damage to enemies along the way. This ability can be discarded twice. This skill is ideal for chasing and escaping enemies. It can also be used for confusing enemies and can steal in team fights.
👉Skill 2 Smoke Bomb: Slows the enemy’s P movement speed by 65% ​​by throwing a smoke bomb in place. Hero’s attack speed will increase by 30% and the hero will be able to take all the basic attacks. Natalia’s plagiarism no longer works with this skill, but when all attacks are in the smoke parameter, 65% is a slow attack enemy. Nobody can escape from you unless you have cleansing or escape skills. Also bonus attack speed, if you have a nice structure makes you superior.
👉Skill 3 (Ultimate) Cold Bloody Runaways: Attacks more than one forward attack on the backcourt, causing 60 physical damage each and reducing the movement speed of affected targets by 65%. Natalia does not make too much of the ultimate damage but gives the enemy smoke too slow to be able to slow down the enemy alternative to the ability to get out. Could this skill hurt every hero on the way? If the enemies are stationary, they can be a source of damage in large quantities.

➡War Text Selection
👉helps prevent your Stun- final and enemies. Especially useful in team wars by gaining time and determining your team’s skills.
👉Rage – More dps? It would be best if the enemy did not have a rafael of a confused person. You do too much damage than you think, giving you 55% ATKspeed and 15% more damage, giving you more critical strike damage. Note: Attack from behind with smoke bombs for more attack speed.

Destruction Blade; Quick Draws or Quick Draws; Scarlet Phantom; Greed Teeth; The Bull of Despair; Hunter Strike or Crazy Analysis

➡Gears Analysis
Supp Destruction of the blade – the first game to give additional 5% critical chance and damage to critical strikes. It gives Natalia the ability to hunt and kill enemies with critical strikes for early play.
👉Quick Boot or Quick Boot – It is recommended that you wander the entire map specifically if you have Quick Boot, move and focus on farming. For Swift Boots Ganking, for additional Atkspeed damage out.
👉Greedy Teeth – If I swear it already, nobody can kill you, not one. Your smoke bombs and do your sersemlettirerek 🙂
Des Despair Knife: Take advantage of enemy confusion if the level of + 15% advantage. With magic spells, you can produce more critical strokes than usual for 1 second.
C Crazed Reaper’s Hunterstrike: Hunterstrike is recommended if the enemies are cracked and do not have an escape skill after killing, giving 20% ​​mspd. Crazy nails give a mspd cover of 30% per basic attack that they can move faster and chase the enemies of the best natalia that match their slow skills.

 Emblem Set
I set some physical assasin critical strike bonus for MAPS and i would recommend i have low 1% critical strike early in the game but he has a game changibg advantage.

 War Tips
Natalia’s largest losses, when behind the attack on the 1v1 battle, trying to fly back to playing more damage.

➡Team Battle Tips
Natalie team must remain behind in war but allows the use of skills at the right time all the enemies, so you can destroy them before being killed.
TEAM WORK may also be considered. Light-hearted friends, natalia can be a substitute, so they can do more damage with their desperate knife.


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